Sunday, June 13, 2010

bcoz i luv u.....

jam menunjukkan tepat kol 3.18 pg...cahaya xthu nk wat pe...cahaya try ec kekosongan mlm cahaya ngn berceloteh kt blog cahaya ni....huhuhu...mata xngntok...idea xdop lak nk tulis pe...jom lah cahaya bkongsi sjak ngn kowg sume...sjak ni tjuk bcoz i luv u...cahaya xthu r kowg ske ke x...hihihih...

"I cannot bring you wealth," she said;
"I cannot bring you fame or place
Among the noted of the race;
But I can love you.

"When trials come to test you, sweet,
I can be sunlight to your feet;
My kiss your precious lips shall greet,
Because I love you.

"When daylight dies along the west,
You will come home to me for rest,
And I shall sleep upon your breast,
Because I love you.

"If sickness comes, beside your bed
I will bend low with quiet tread,
And pray God's blessing on your head,
Because I love you.

"As dew clings to the violet,
Making the fragrant chalice wet,
So my life to yours is set,
Because I love you.

"Only myself, my all, I bring;
But count it, sweet, a precious thing
To give my life an offering,
Because I love you.

"I bow before no other shrine;
If I go first across death's line,
I will return to claim you mine,
Because I love you."

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